Online Resources and Links

Academic Societies

The Society for Emblem Studies

Sociedad Española de Emblemática

Research Institutions

Stirling Maxwell Centre, University of Glasgow

The Centre for the Comparative History of Print, University of Leeds

Human Development in Landscapes. Graduate School, University of Kiel

Warburg Institute, University of London

Biblioteca Nacional (Brazil)

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes Visuais (UFRJ-PPGAV)

Digital Collections of Emblem and Iconography Books

University of Glasgow Emblem Website

OpenEmblem Portal

Emblem Project Utrecht

Bavarian State Library Project

Biblioteca Digital Siglo de Oro (BIDISO) – Emblemática

Biblioteca Emblematica, University of Bergamo An Inventory of Applied Emblems in Switzerland

Cesare Ripa, University of Bergamo